The first truth you have to accept is that walking and
watching what you eat is not enough. It is the beginning of the journey and it
will remain a very important factor but you have to start muscular conditioning.
 This is easily done in your home with guidance
or you can do this in the gym but it is not optional if you want to stay active
and healthy. I train clients from the ages of 18 to 85. I see into the future.
Tip#1:  “You are
the boss of you!
My students have heard me say this to them all of the time.
You know your limits better than any trainer does. If it feels wrong or painful
stop. Walk away from any trainer who yells at you or does not listen to your
concerns. There is a big difference between discomfort and pain.
Tip#2:  Basic is
I have seen the fads come and go but my clients have stayed
injury free for the last 10 years or more, by doing the basic exercises
safely.  You do not need fancy equipment.
To stay functional, you need to work your back, abdominals, legs, shoulders and
arms and you need to stretch to stay flexible.  You can do this all in your home with guidance
or head to a reputable gym and hire a trainer to help you.  It is not optional. Being active around the
house is not enough. To stay injury free, you have to train your muscles in a balanced way.
Tip#3:  Be patient and give it a chance!
I learned a long time ago that if you are not having a good
time, you will not be back!  It takes
time to find a place or a routine that makes you feel so good after you leave,
that you cannot wait to get back.  Be
patient with yourself.  If you are new to
a gym, give it two weeks to get to know people. 
If new students show up in my class, I tell them to give me three
classes before they quit because I know that I will make them smile and laugh enough
over that time, that they will return and stay for life!  The fun will come but you have to give it
more than one attempt.  
The truth is, as a fitness instructor, I have exactly 15 minutes to impress you. If you show up in my class, I have a zillion things on my mind and if you are new, you are instantly one of them! Give me more than one visit to help you. Teachers and trainers are there for you!  We want you to be successful. 
Have a great day everyone!