I’m a big fan of Julie Daniluk and her books, Slimming Meals That Heal and Meals That Heal Inflammation. Julie is an RHN and a leading nutritionist who often appears on the Marilyn Denis Show. I first saw her there and was so impressed with her enthusiasm, that I picked up her books to help me deal with my gluten allergy.

That was years ago and I’m happy to say that Julie’s recipes helped me to heal my skin. Many of you have seen me drinking her ‘Hazelnutty Hot Chocolate’ before exercise class. Well that recipe is found in Slimming Meals That Heal and it gives me the energy that I need to get through my fitness filled days.

I’m currently watching a free video series that Julie has started to help people heal inflammation in their bodies, which might be the cause of sore joints; bloating; headaches etc. This series is available at the bottom of my blog post if you want to follow along. In yesterday’s video she told us about the 3 Food Interference tactic.

Many of us reach for sweets or chips or other treats when we feel we need a boost or a reward. Giving into these cravings can make us feel great in the moment but over time lead to unwanted weight gain.

Julie suggests that before we give into the craving “we stare down the food and then put three healthy foods in front of it.” She wants us to eat one protein, one healthy fat and one fibrous food so that we will feel full before we dig into the treat and therefore we will eat less of the food that isn’t good for us. This is brilliant and I plan on putting this tactic into action however it will take some planning to make sure that the good food is readily available.

Here is a link to the free video series. I encourage you to pick up her books if you are in need of some nutritional help. Just copy and paste the link into your browser.


See you soon, Beth.