Happy 2017 to all of my readers and students.

I have been busy over the holidays preparing new programs for my classes and I want to address the advertisements that I have seen lately that promise body transformation in 21 days!

They sound fantastic and totally achievable. You can google them and read for yourself but I must add some words of caution. There is no short term fix for good health. While you will feel amazing if you start to work out each day and watch what you eat, you don’t get to toss out your gym clothes when you hit day 21 and keep those results. Exercise has to become part of your lifestyle for LIFE!

This week the gyms will fill up with people who have the best of intentions to make positive changes in their lives. This is a great time to commit to getting healthier and if you have decided to start one of these 21 day challenges, then I hope that my classes can help you along the way.

After 18 years of teaching fitness and training clients, I can honestly say that real success is had by those who set reasonable goals for themselves. Going from zero exercise, to every single day of the week, for the next three weeks, is doable but get some help. Higher a trainer for support and/or do the following:

  • Maybe you can convince a buddy to start training with you.
  • Tell your family which hour of the day is non-negotiable and plan to adjust your life around exercise.
  • If you plan to work out in the morning, ┬álay your fitness gear out beside the bed the night before and put it on when you rise in the morning.
  • Try to do something active that you enjoy and will actually do when the weather is less than ideal.
  • Variety is important. Do a variety of classes that include lifting weights, cardio and stretching.

While it is so tempting to think that we can put up with 21 days of hell to get into those jeans, remember that the work must continue. The time limit is designed to help you make exercise a habit. If you can commit to improving your life by working out and eating well for three weeks, you will be well on your way to achieving your fitness goals.

Some of my private classes begin this week. If you want more information just use the Contact Form on the Home Page.

Saturday Classes begin January 7th. 9 am-10 am

Monday Line Dance begins January 9th. 1:15 pm- 3 pm

Wednesday / Friday Dance and Muscle Conditioning begins January 4th. 9 am-10 am

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.