Most of us have experienced that moment when you go to put on a pair of pants or a skirt that used to fit perfectly but now is uncomfortably tight. Often this is the first time that we notice we have put on a few pounds. Sure we may see it when we are quickly glancing in the mirror but until it starts to affect how we dress or how we move, most of us go about our day pleasantly unaware of those extra 10 lbs.

For me, as small as I am, I noticed when I had put on 27 lbs. I had changed my workout regime and taken out most of the cardio component but I kept eating as if I was being as active and the result was clear. My clothes were not fitting and then I started to feel a difference in my ability to call my dance classes. I was out of breath and that forced me to take a good, honest look at my behavior.

I am happy to report that the changes I have made this winter to my training regime have helped me to lose 9 lbs and I am hoping to lose 3 more! Tabata training has made the difference. You can search my blog page for more info on Tabata.

Because I am small to begin with, people wrongly assume that I have ‘room’ to expand but the truth is I run the same risk of developing joint problems and disease as everyone else. What is frustrating for me is if I try to commiserate with people larger than myself about weight gain, I get chastised for having the audacity to complain that I feel fat. I can only assume that people mean well when they say, “you don’t need to lose weight! You should gain a few pounds.”

The truth is we all need to watch our weight and be proactive about our health, no matter what size we are. So when you start to see changes in your ability to move in a pain free manner or when your clothes become tighter, have an honest conversation with yourself and decide what you want to do about it. You can choose to make a difference in your health. I am not saying it will be easy, but the choice is yours!

See you soon,